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2019 Enterprise Solutions Study

The objective of our comprehensive 2019 Enterprise Solutions Study is to investigate the goals and challenges, preferences and status of the software used to run your business, as well as the impact of these solutions on your enterprise.  The data offers valuable insight and information both unique to this year and as a progression from our 2011 through 2018 surveys, including extensive study of cloud and software as a service (SaaS).

Reports Currently Available:

Based on our 2019 Enterprise Solutions Study, we have not one, but a series of reports available around key decision factors in the journey to purchasing a new ERP system.

The foundational report: Is 2019 (Finally) The Time to Purchase A New ERP? Is the Global Digital Economy Leaving You Behind? touches on factors driving first purchases and replacements. Three versions of the report is available: universal (all respondents), manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

Additionally, we have an educational series that follows which examines key criteria that organizations consider when making buying decisions, such as:

  • What to Look For In a New ERP: Suite in a Box vs. Best of Breed
  • What to Look For In a New ERP: It’s All About the Platform
  • What to Look For In a New ERP: Traditional Criteria Have Not Gone Away
  • What to Look For In a New ERP: Cloud Strategies and Other Deployment Options

These reports are available immediately. We can also pair them with a webinar or companion report on your solution for additional touch points in your marketing campaigns.  If you’re looking for insightful content to fill the funnel – we can help.

To learn more, contact Lisa Lincoln, Director of Client Services at (508) 734-5658 or

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