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SYSPRO USA Defines the Theory of ERP Relativity S=MC2

 In December 2010 SYSPRO USA introduced its “Einstein” strategy, a clever association with the genius of the world’s most reknowned theoretical physicist. The goal of this strategy was simply to make Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the small to mid-size manufacturer smarter by listening carefully to its customers, perfecting its implementation methodology, focusing resources on education, technology and functionality in order for SYSPRO users to maximize business benefits. Albert Einstein is best known for developing his theorey of relativity (E=MC2). In keeping with its theme of “Simply Smarter” ERP, SYSPRO continues to deliver on its strategy by introducing its own theory of ERP relativity: S=MC2.

SYSPRO’s Simply Smarter is actually an acronym (Strategy,Methodology, Accountability, Resources, Technology, Education, Customer Rewards).

S=MC2: Relativity Theory Explained

Einstein’s theory of relativity is based on the concept of mass-energy equivalence, recognizing that the mass of a body is a measure of its energy content. In Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2, E is energy, M is mass and C is the speed of light in a vacuum. In the equivalent equation for the theory of ERP relativity, M stands for material, and C2 is cost and cash management. S, of course, stands for SYSPRO. Apart from sharing a common equation however, that is where the similarity ends.

To fully grasp the concept of Einstein’s theory of relativity requires a thorough grasp of physics. The phrase, “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist” does not apply. Indeed you do need to be some sort of scientist to fully understand the meaning and implications of the theory. Not many business executives have the need or desire to understand the relationship between mass, energy and the speed of light. Conversely, every line of business or Information Technology (IT) professional in a manufacturing company needs to know the relationship between material management, cost savings and cash management.  And unlike Einstein’s theory of relativity, SYSPRO’s theory of ERP relativity is quite simple.  The value of SYSPRO ERP is derived largely from better material management, cost control and cash management.

Einstein’s theory is also based on the laws of conservation of matter that says neither mass nor energy may be created or destroyed, but only moved from one location to another.  SYSPRO’s theory of ERP relativity implies just the opposite. Cost savings can indeed be both created and destroyed. True, in the universe of all fiscal entities (companies and banks included), the law of conservation might apply to cash. But better management of materials and cash is truly additive in creating value.

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