Mint Jutras Launches Annual ERP Survey

Participate to Receive Research Results on ERP Status and Performance

We have recently launched a comprehensive survey to support our annual Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution Study. As of this morning we have collected 337 responses, but we intend to get that number up to about 1000 over the next few weeks. The study investigates goals and challenges, preferences and trends of ERP. If you are using ERP today or contemplating a purchase, please participate in our survey to help us benchmark performance of the average implementation today, as well as World Class implementations. We will share the results to help you determine if you are getting the most value out of your investment.

Many believe the ERP market to be saturated today, but Mint Jutras puts adoption rate somewhere between 60% and 80%, depending on the industry and size of company. Based on preliminary survey results we expect buying activity to increase for both new and replacement purchases. And we’re also seeing some interesting trends in ERP selection priority. While fit and function have topped the list for years, early respondents ranked it #4 after ease of use, the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and integration technology and capabilities.

Here at Mint Jutras we feel there is too much focus today on ERP failures. Yes ERP is a significant undertaking and not without risk, but those who do it right realize even more significant benefits, measured as cost savings and performance improvements. ERP has become a necessary infrastructure for doing business today. In order to achieve a competitive advantage you need to be taking full advantage of a broad range of features and functions, supported by enabling technology. Don’t put your head in the sand and ignore the possibilities available through web-enablement, cloud deployments and mobile devices. Don’t allow yourself to be buried by ‘big data’.

All knowledgeable participants are welcome to take the survey.

ERP solution providers interested in survey results contact Lisa Lincoln (

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